Flow3D 11.0.4

Flow3D 11.0.4

FLOW3D, a CFD software developed by Flow Science, enables highly-accurate simulations of free-surface flows using TruVOF and FAVOR techniques. FLOW-3D is a powerful and highly-accurate CFD software that gives  engineers valuable insight into many physical flow processes. With  special capabilities for accurately predicting free-surface flows, FLOW-3D is the ideal CFD software to use in your design phase as well as in improving production processes.

FLOW-3D uses an approach to gridding that combines the advantages  of simple rectangular grids with the flexibility of deformed, body-fitted grids. Fixed grids of rectangular control elements are simple to generate and possess many desirable properties (e.g., improved accuracy, smaller demands on memory, and simpler numerical approximations).
The approach is referred to as “free-gridding” because grids or geometry can be freely changed, each independent of the other. This feature eliminates the tedious task of generating body-fitted or finite-element grids. Advanced features such as conforming meshes make it possible to have highly-refined grids only in relevant regions of the computational domain. Using this feature it is possible to generate meshes that conform to very thin components or void regions while retaining a coarser grid in the surrounding region

FlowSight is a state-of-the-art post-processing tool based on the industry
leading Ensight, which has been customized for FLOW-3D.
Its capabilites include:
•  Multiple iso-surfaces
•  2D clips with FAVOR geometry
•  Animated streamlines
•  Multiple viewpoints of simulation results
•  Simultaneous view of FSI and fluid flow results
•  Extensive annotation capabilites
•  Read/plot data from external sources
•  Interactive queries
•  Texture mapping
•  3D stereo and head tracking
•  Moving viewpoints
•  Volume rendering
•  Flipbook
•  Portable Results

FLOW-3D is our flagship product, a powerful and highly-accurate multi-physics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package that has been in worldwide distribution since 1985. FLOW-3D provides engineers valuable insight into many physical flow processes, including solutions coupled to thermal energy transfer, 6-degree of freedom fluid-solid interaction, and mechanical and thermal stress analysis. These capabilities, combined with TruVOF, our advanced algorithm for tracking free-surface flows, make FLOW-3D the ideal simulation software to use for research, in the design phase, and to improve production processes.

FLOW-3D is an all-inclusive package from setup to simulation to post-processing. No additional modules are necessary. Meshing is simple to perform and it is advanced. It has the simplicity of a Cartesian structure yet conforms to complex geometries automatically for localized resolution and computational efficiency. Visualization and advanced data analysis is powered through FlowSight, a tailored implementation of the world-class Ensight® post-processor, making it possible to understand and clearly communicate results to collaborators and clients.


FLOW-3D is a powerful CFD modeling software that gives engineers valuable insight into many physical flow processes. With special capabilities for accurately predicting free-surface flows, FLOW-3D is the ideal software to use for aerospace applications including sloshing dynamics, fuel acquisition, object impact, cryogenics, nozzle flows, PMDs, cavitation and electric charge distribution.

FLOW-3Dis a comprehensive CFD software that offers solutions to many of the challenges in the automotive industry. FLOW-3Dcan simulate transient flow dynamics, (both free-surface and confined), thermal energy transfer in fluids and solids, phase change, 6-degrees of freedom motion of solids and a coupled finite element solver for mechanically and thermally induced stresses.

Applying computational fluid dynamics to the field of biotechnology is a relatively new practice and has great potential to improve the way many medical devices are used or implemented. FLOW-3D’s capabilities include free-surface and confined flows, variable density, phase change, moving objects, and mechanical and thermal stress analysis.

Coastal & Maritime
FLOW-3Dis the ideal software to use for maritime applications including ship design, sloshing dynamics, wave impact and ventilation. For coastal applications, FLOW-3D accurately predicts the detail of severe storm and tsunami wave run-up on coastal structures and is used for flash flood and critical structures flood and damage analysis.

Optimizing coating processes can be difficult due to the small scale of fluid motion and the influence of effects such as wall adhesion and surface tension. FLOW-3D provides a convenient way to analyze these processes without having to resort to costly laboratory experiments. FLOW-3D’s models simulate surface tension gradients due to temperature variations, heat transfer, vaporization, condensation, solute transport and density-driven flows.

Engineers in the energy sector around the world face complex design challenges every day in a wide range of processes for which solutions can be found through computational fluid dynamics. Many of these problems involve
free-surface flows for which FLOW-3Dis uniquely suited to provide accurate understanding and analysis.

Inkjet manufacturers around the world use FLOW-3Dto improve the performance of their printers. Design engineers can study droplet generation (volume, shape, velocity, satellite creation), and the effect of nozzle geometry, temperature, bubble energy and surface tension on these variables.

Free-surface flows are common in the design and manufacture of products used in both the home and office environment. FLOW-3D’s free-surface modeling capabilities make it possible to realize those savings. FLOW-3Dcan also be used to design spray nozzles, model absorptive capabilities of porous materials and manyother components or capabilities of consumer goods.

Numerical simulation can provide quantitative analysis and significant insight across such disciplines as electronics, mechanics, chemistry, thermal science and fluid science. Using FLOW-3Das a flow simulation tool can help to substantially reduce the cost of design and production of microfluidic devices.

Water & Environmental
FLOW-3Dis a valuable CFD software for developing design and implementation options over a wide range of issues facing hydraulics engineers, from large hydroelectric power projects to small municipal wastewater treatment systems.  Simulation can play a crucial role for testing design options, helping to reduce complexity and focus efforts on optimized solutions.

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