Flowmaster V7.9.2.3

Flowmaster V7.9.2.3

Flowmaster Products Reduce development time and cost with 1D thermo-fluid system modeling.

Flowmaster has been the tool of choice for 1D thermo-fluid simulation of pipework networks and systems for more than 20 years. Based on Don Miller’s “Internal Flow Systems,” Flowmaster is unrivaled in terms of accuracy, flexibility and cross-industry appeal due to its superior transient solver. Flowmaster delivers results you can trust from the earliest stages of the design process.

Flowmaster is the leading general purpose 1D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution for modeling and  analysis of fluid mechanics and pipe flow in complex systems early in the development process.
It helps systems engineers to simulate pressure surge, temperature and fluid flow rates system-wide and to understand how design alterations, component size, selection and operating conditions will affect the overall fluid system performance accurately and quickly.

Advanced thermo-fluid system modeling and simulation enables user to analyze real-life conditions Versatile steady state and transient simulation of in-compressible and compressible systems with heat transfer analysis Pressure surge analysis, temperature and fluid flow rate prediction Extensive catalog of component models with built-in empirical data Fast batch simulation analysis
Pipe Flow balancing for optimizing component sizes
Customizable components
Multi-fluid simulation, secondary air and air conditioning

Secure traceable data & design collaboration enables analysis of complex designs when needed, where needed
Secure storage of networks, performance data, components and results in an industry standard relational database
Audit trail & tracking of model design history with ‘roll back’ functionality
Administration controls for user access permissions to project data
Database synchronization to enable engineers to work safely onsite, offline from the server

An open system providing users the freedom to customize and extend simulation ability

Gas Turbine

Flowmaster V7 Gas Turbine is an industry specific thermo-fluid system simulation software tool. Many of today’s leading gas turbine manufacturers use it to validate designs and run simulations early in the development process to maximize system efficiency, minimize testing costs, improve quality, promote design repeatability and ultimately reduce gas turbine development cycles.

It combines the proven Flowmaster architecture with optional Swirl and Heat Transfer solver capability of secondary system modeling. The advanced GUI with specific gas turbine component libraries and cavity model creation wizard enables users to build networks and run simulations quicker and easier than ever before. Design optimization features in Flowmaster provide users with the ability to conduct superior ‘what-if’ analyses for 1D thermo-fluid analysis.


A tightly-coupled, general purpose 1D-3D CFD simulation software combination helps users characterize the more complex components of the system in 3D and insert those component characteristics into the 1D system-level models for simulation. It enables further speed up of the design process while ensuring accurate upfront systems analysis based on fluid flow and heat transfer data by using 3D simulation at the component level.


The result is higher quality, more competitive products to market faster. This approach minimizes the computational resources and execution times at the system level. Consistent with the Mentor® strategy of virtual prototyping analysis early and throughout the design process, this technology breakthrough enables systems engineers to examine more variables across a wider range of design scenarios to quickly achieve optimal system and component design.

Systems Engineering Benefits

For designing complex systems, 3D CFD would be extremely accurate but it can be computationally expensive depending on the size of the models used. Therefore, 1D CFD is used, which is faster, but it may require significant amounts of data to characterize the components accurately. To facilitate 1D CFD systems analysis, data is needed to describe the component and until now, the process to achieve a high level of design accuracy has been tedious and based on assumptions.

Component Manufacturing Benefits

  • Delivers higher accuracy results than standalone 1D CFD.
  • Upfront and concurrent design of equipment from component to system level for fluid flow and heat transfer.
  • Allows for easy reuse of the characterized component.
  • Virtual prototyping to reduce cost and lead time.
  • Deploy simulation throughout your lifecycle to planned maintenance, refit, retrofit or expansion.
  • Operates on standard engineering hardware.

Workflow Optimization

  • Allows for easy reuse of the characterized component.
  • Provides meaningful results faster and allows more “what-if” scenarios to be run.
  • Relieves time pressures when a design must be finished quickly.
  • Allows better management and problem-solving for complex system designs.
  • Brings a more complete solution to the hands of systems engineers.
  • Works natively in FloEFD and Flowmaster.


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