Missile Silo Launch Simulation by Fluent

Missile Silo Launch Simulation by Fluent


The purpose of this tutorial is to provide guidelines to set up and run a dynamic mesh (DM) case using the layering scheme. The tutorial models a missile being launched from a silo. The motion of the missile is predicted using the six degree of freedom (6DOF) solver in FLUENT.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Read a mesh file and perform a dynamic mesh calculation.
  • Enable and configure the 6DOF solver.
  • Compile a UDF that governs the missile motion.
  • Set up moving zones.
  • Set up a dynamic mesh event to control the mesh motion.
  • Define custom commands to be executed at regular intervals during the simulation.
  • Run an unsteady calculation for the problem.
  • Write image files that can be played as an animation.

Problem Description
Consider the launch of a missile from its silo (Figure 1). The 6DOF solver is used to predict the motion of the missile. The UDF (silo.c) is used to specify the properties of the missile (mass and moments of inertia) as well as any body forces that are present. The 6DOF solver applies Newton’s law to determine the acceleration of the missile.

Thrust, gravity, and pressure forces are considered in the calculation, whereas the drag on the missile is neglected. The missile engine starts to fire at t = 0 seconds but the missile is held fixed in the silo and is not allowed to move until t = 0.1 seconds. The flow is assumed to be inviscid and the domain is axisymmetric.

Missile Silo Launch_2 Missile Silo Launch_3


Missile Silo Launch_4


In this tutorial, you used FLUENT to solve an unsteady problem using the six degree of freedom solver along with the layering algorithm. While the six degree of freedom solver is applicable to a three-dimensional flow domain, this tutorial illustrates that it can also be used to predict pure linear motion.

Tutorial: Missile Silo Launch


Download Tutorial + Mesh + UDF



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