Solving a Cold Flow Simulation in IC Engine

Solving a Cold Flow Simulation in IC Engine

A three dimensional single cylinder CFD simulation of a 4-stroke engine is performed under motored conditions (cold flow) in this tutorial. Detailed boundary conditions are shown in  Figure 1.1: Problem Schematic(p. 1). Engine simulation is started from Intake valve opening (IVO) followed by air flow during intake stroke. Air is compressed as piston moves towards top dead center ( TDC). This is followed by expansion of air as piston moves towards bottom Dead center (BDC). This tutorial ser ves as an intro-duction in releasing the streamlined workflow between pre-processing, solver and post processing while carrying out simulations with Fluent.

Solving a Cold Flow Simulation

This tutorial illustrates the following steps:

  • Launch IC Engine system.
  • Read an existing geometry into IC Engine.
  • Decompose the geometry.
  • Define the mesh setup and mesh the geometry.
  • Run the simulation.
  • Examine the results in the report.
  • Perform additional postprocessing in CFD-Post.

1. Copy the files (demo_eng.x_t and to your working folder. (To access tutorials and their input files on the ANSYS Customer Portal, go to
2. Start Workbench.

Continue is Available in PDF …

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