Solving a Combustion Simulation for a Sector

Solving a Combustion Simulation for a Sector

In this tutorial a complete Direct injection (DI) compression ignition (CI) engine geometry is transformed into 60° sector in-order to reduce mesh size and solution time. Detailed boundary conditions are as shown in the  Figure 3.1: Problem Schematic (p. 107). Sector simulation is started at intake valve Closing (IVC) with initial conditions as 3.45 bar and 404 K, species mass fraction of O2=0.1369, N2=0.7473, CO2=0.0789,H2O=0.0369. n-heptane (nc7h16) is used as surrogate for diesel fuel and is injected 8 degrees before compression ( T op Dead Center). Engine rpm is increased from 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm and its effect on unburnt fuel is examined. This tutorial illustrates the following steps in setting up and solving a combustion simulation for a sector.

  • Launch IC Engine system.
  • Read an existing geometry into IC Engine.
  • Decompose the geometry.
  • Define mesh setup and mesh the geometry.
  • Define the solver setup.
  • Run the simulation.
  • Examine the results in the report.



  1. Copy the files (tut_comb_sect.x_t,injection-profile,Diesel_1comp_35sp_chem.inp, and Diesel_1comp_35sp_therm.dat) to your working folder. To access tutorials and their input files on the ANSYS Customer Portal, go to
  2. Start Workbench.

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Solving a Combustion Simulation for a Sector

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