Tecplot Chorus

Tecplot Chorus

Tecplot Chorus is used for trade studies to help you compare collections of CFD simulations while evaluating overall system performance. Tecplot Chorus includes our most recent version of Tecplot 360 EX.


Design Space Visualization & Analysis

Tecplot Chorus helps you run and generate many simulation or test data sets. The most common applications are:

  • Optimizing your designs.
  • Developing aero databases.
  • Predicting performance over the operating envelope.
  • Investigating engineering problems.

In these scenarios, you need to manage your solution data, discover the trends and anomalies in output variables, and understand the underlying physics that cause these variations.

Based on Customer Feedback

Customers have told us that they have massive amounts of data, and no tools to help them quickly identify trends and anomalies that may affect the critical design decisions they make. Using Tecplot Chorus, you can analyze your test and simulation results in a parametric space, better understand the underlying physics, and gain more confidence in your decisions.

“My greatest fear is that I may miss something important.” (From customer case studies.)

Matrix view in Tecplot Chorus

The Tecplot Chorus Solution

  • Analyze from one to a thousand simulation cases at the same time.
  • Easily manage both test and computational data.
  • Promote greater collaboration among teams of engineers.
  • Share simulation data to avoid rework and to support teamwork.

Tecplot Chorus integrates analysis and quality assurance processes with flexible features that are designed to manage, analyze, and visualize large amounts of parametric data, identify trends and anomalies, and link them to the underlying physics. This can result in more rapid prototyping of design concepts for faster time to market.

Tecplot Chorus 2016 Release 1

Accelerate Trade Studies and Identification of Interesting Cases

Selected Cases view and Color by Filter Violations in 2D scatter plots were introduced last year. In this 2016 release we’ve extended the filter violation coloring to the Table Views to help even more with trade studies. This new capability makes it easy to identify where values lie in the range of all values and how close your cases are to constraint boundaries.

We’ve also improved how the Selected Cases view works to help you rapidly identify cases of interest. Selections in the Selected Cases view will now select items in the other views for rapid identification of cases of interest.

Selected Cases View

Notice the following decorations in the Table Views

  • Table View
  • Red text indicates that the value violates the filter setting for that variable.
  • Pink highlighting indicates the region that violates the filter setting.
  • The ‘caret’ indicates where this variable value is in the range of that variable.

These decorations will help you quickly identify cases that violate filter settings and to what degree they violate the filter settings. Note that the shaded regions will only show when using Range Filters.

Open CSV Project

Open CSV Project will create a project file using the same base name as the CSV file if no project file already exists. If a project file of the same name already exists you will now be prompted to specify a file name for your project file. This is a slight change in the workflow and was made to reduce the likelihood of accidentally overwriting an existing project file when using this menu option.

Easier License Management

All Tecplot products are moving to using an activation code rather than a license file. This makes license administration easier for end users. No longer do you have to email a hostID file to us and wait for a license file. Just enter the activation code and start working. Note that this requires an internet connection.


Tecplot Chorus 2016 Free Download

Tecplot Chorus 2016 R1


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